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Psychic Guide Renee
Psychic Guide Renee
Love & Relationships
Psychic Guide Renee


Hello I am Psychic Renée, I am a generational psychic. I was born with multiple abilities I am able to combined them at once which provides accurate information, insight and answers. I have a lifetime of experience my abilities are mediumship, clairvoyant and I am an energy shifter which means I can control/change energy around someone. I have successfully helped many others in love, relationships and marriage. I will open up your current situation together we will focus on your reading and what all it provides I will strong accurate advice that will move you forward I will guide you to your goals I will help you achieve peace and wellness in your life. Gain self control. Because I am a natural born psychic I don’t need any type of "spiritual tools" to read for you I pick up on your energy and vibrations through your name and date of birth. Today I will help you with whatever situation, problem or concern is in your heart. I will guide you through love, career, spiritual and emotional healing.


 I have a life time of experience in the psychic world I have earned the title ‘specialist’ and made a strong reputation for myself. I have been given the opportunity to travel around the world making private and public appearances I have also shared my gift globe-wide and am thankful to have the privilege to help those I’ve come to meet. I do not take my gift for granted by age 8 I knew what I was meant to do on this earth. Use my abilities to help, solve and heal others from what was hurting them in their lives.Certified Life coach and spiritualist. Superior level of accuracy and guidance. Born with the gift to read others not taught. I have over 18 yrs of professional experience but I have a lifetime of successful experience and performance in what I do.




Jan 3, 2016
Wonderful I appreciate her quick straight forward answers. Very connected. Xo thank you
Dec 24, 2015
Bloody brilliant!
Dec 16, 2015
Nice reader and awesome reading
Dec 14, 2015
Amazing reading !!! xx
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