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I specialize in many categories of spirituality that will help you in what you need, such as: Psychic, Dream analysis,Past life progression, Energy balancing, Tarot card readings, and much more. What ever the situation may be I will be the one to help you through my inuitive Psychic abilities and intuition. I will only ask two questions: Your name and date of birth. And always feel free to ask questions, Even if They're listed below. Wondering if that special someone is your soulmate? Want to know if He/She is cheating? Want to know if there is someone new coming into your life?Wondering if, or when you will recieve a raise? Or earn the job you want? Even if you want your stress to finally come to an end, or even just wanting to know when. What ever the situation may be, I will be there for you, Call now for the enlightment you've been needing and looking for.


Hello,I am Advisor Gisele and I am an Intuitive Psychic Advisor with the gift to heal, feel, and see to guide you into your rightful destiny and happiness, I have over 15 years experience as a Psychic, Spiritualist, and healer. So to tell you about my self, I had developed my gift at a very early age, and my mother,(Who is also Gifted), was the one to help me to become familiar with my gift when I was just a girl. So I started reaching out to all who call upon me,and found that this is my calling in life, to Advise, Guide, and help people from all walks of life, No matter what the situation may be. It gives me a real joy to see and feel that my clients, Through my help, Have Fulfilled their goals and are at peace with their life.


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