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Hello, If you're looking for answers I can give them. I'm clairvoyant, clairaudient, and have access to the Akashic records of time. I read Tarot, Oracle cards and Akashic records. I also channel answers from spirit guides and angels. Through text, chat, or phone calls, I waste no time connecting with your higher self and guides to get the information you need to answer your questions. You need answers quickly on love, life, romace, money and other life issues. I can help you with finding the love of your life, a new career, solve family issues, gain more money and more. I use Tarot readings in combination with spirit channeling, masters, guides, and angel to give a comprehensive reading that can change your life, for the better. Experience has taught me how to get to the heart of your issue which will produce positive results for you. Sometimes, all it takes is one simple to implement change that can make a world of difference. I've worked with enough people on other sites, and for private clients to know how exiting it is to get much needed answers. The world of the spirit is not as difficult to reach, once a skilled person taps into it. Sometimes, I'm still amazed at the helpful answers I've recieved in the past from reading Tarot, before making decisions. I wish to share knowldege from spirit with you. This is my aim and purpose in life. Your life can go through dramatic, and astounding changes when you recieve clear messages from the spirit world. You will gain insights not only about yourself, but from every person who is involved in your situation. One insightful Tarot and Psychic reading can change your life. Life is difficult enough as it it. Angels and guides working through me, are here to help you navigate the baffling, and mysterious times when you can find no answer. As a person with life coach experience, I can take you step by step into a more rewarding love life, financial life, spiritual life, and more.


I've been aware of my psychic abilities since childhood. I can usually pick up messages from sight, voice, text, chat at first connection. If there's something you immediately need to know before the reading. Akashic Tarot and entering the secret realms of the Akashic are my specialties in answering your questions on love, career, money, and family relations. I've been entering the Akashic records for a long time.I hold a certification in Akashic Records reading from Imagine Spirit awarded to me by, a long time psychic development teacher. She has since retired to teach her courses. I was taught with Tarot cards to relate to the secrets of your issues needing answers. I was designated as a 5 Star Reader, and you my certification is valid and authentic. I do have long-term, off-line clients that are more than happy with my work for them. They have received answers and insights they needed regarding career, finances, family issues, relationships, and even glimpses of past lives. In the case of increasing finances, one of my clients added a service to her business I suggested from a reading, and now she's making the money she needed. As for love, another client was shown what to do so she could snag the man of her dreams. One small adjustment made all the difference. It's truly amazing what can come through for you when you truly need the insight. In some of my clients, there's been clear evidence of psychic ability, if this is the case for you, I can detect it.If love is your issue, I will see into the relationship for details that can lead you to success in this area. Whatever the issue, I will not waste your time, Whatever the issue, I will delve right into the core to extract what you need to know..

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ran out of funds, it was nice talking to you again, the next time i come back i will have his birthdate for you so we can get more in depth lol, but until next time thank you again so much <3
absolutely brilliant!! she's so accurate and to the point. must visit again and again!!
great and very insightful! what a light!
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