Direct, no nonsense answers to all your questions. No sugar coating! I am extremely forthright and compassionate in my readings, using these as a tool to inform, empower and inspire you. Focusing on the soul's journey, I help you identify the greater plan, purpose, and karma at play. Over the years I have worked with a diverse spectrum of individuals with varied backgrounds, lifestyles, cultures, beliefs and concerns. My own experiences inform my work, as do years of personal and psychic development, experience, and committed spiritual practice. I believe in our own ability to create positive change and manifest success in our lives and help you recognize your own potential, identify any challenges, as well as chart solutions to carry you through. Whether you seek change, clarity or answers, allow intuition and your own soul to guide you, by giving me a call. I just get all my answers from the universe which is a global power.


I have several years of professional experience in Astrology, Numerology, Dream Analysis, and Tarot Reading. Giving new visions outlook and clarity to my clients. I am a Reliable Psychic, Tarot Reader, and Free thinker and through my visions and my guides I go indepth to your problems which alows me to squeeze out the best possible predictions and answers helping you to judge your situation at the best with no sugar-coating and truth is delivered with deep meditations and with quick connection time. My readings are detailed and cross checked and properly pin pointed which will give you a better eye to solve your problems.

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