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I am an expert in love and relationships, tarot, mediumship and white witchcraft. I have extensive knowledge of twin flames and soul mates. I do tarot readings of past, present, future, past life, the archangels and find your answers. I use auto writing with names, date of birth and sometimes pictures with my mediumship readings. This is when I work with past away loved ones, for clients. I am a dream interpreter. You can explain what you are dreaming about and I can help you find the answers in reference to your dreams and what these dreams are trying to tell you. I am a pet psychic. I do mediumship readings with pets that have crossed over. I have a special pet tarot deck for my clients who would like to look into their pets' lives.


I am a world-renowned certified psychic medium and 3rd-degree white witch. I have been giving readings and casting spells world wide now for 12 years. I have had a gift from as young as I can remember. I would Astro travel as a little girl. I work on missing children's cases for Law Enforcement. I have also predicted many places where bodies would be located and mass attacks world wide. I have a degree in psychology and have helped clients with their life issues. When my clients come to me at times they are dealing with and facing heard situations and my education can help them with coping skills.

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thank you
Thank you
Rahika Saikia
lovely reader, quick, and to the point, was very patient with me, now to see how this goes. thank you
knew things he told me about. super excited. will see if predictions come true.
the worst.. please don’t waste your time on this fraud
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