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Welcome, I am a Psychic and Empath usually working without tools. I connect directly to a persons energy through my Empathic abilities, which I have had all of my life. I will never tell a person what I think they are wanting to hear, but rather will only ever say and share what I see. No matter how difficult or complex your situation might be, I can help you make sense of your situation. I am an expert in family and love and relationship situations. No matter if you're going through a break up, or unsure of how someone may or may not feel about you I can look deep into your situation and giving guidance insight advise and future predications on what I feel and see will be happening in your life. I am quite direct in my readings but I do this in a caring and sensitive way, hopefully leaving you uplifted and self empowered no matter how difficult your situation may seem. There is always a way through, sometimes we just need to know the best way forward and this is where I can really help you. I am a no tools reader working directly with your energy and together we will make sense of your situation and the best way forward. It is important that when coming to me for a reading that you are as relaxed as you can be. Also please understand I will only say what I see and feel and this may not always be the answers that you are wanting. Thank you.


I have worked online as a Psychic and Empath for over 12 years. Having helped 1000s of clients during my time. I am a no tools reader, but can use Tarot or Angel cards if requested. As an Empath I work directly with a persons energy looking directly and deeply into what ever questions are asked. I have traveled extensively and this has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of human nature and the combined spiritual elements that are part of all of us. I am self taught since a very early age. Never have I read a book on "how to do a Psychic consultation" rather I have developed and evolved over many years and say things as I see and feel them. I continue to develop my Psychic and Empathic gifts with every reading that I do. No matter what is seen I will always aim to give clarity and answers no matter what a person's individual situation is. Life has been my own university!

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