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Psychic Cynthia B


Hello and welcome. My name is Cynthia. I am a compassionate and ethical reader to assist you with questions about love, career, family or just general life concerns. My unique readings consists of: angel guides, spiritual healing, tarot, or a combination of all, depending on each client's situation, or whatever messages that I receive from spirit. Each reading is unique depending on what I pick up for you: dates, names, events, spiritual messages, colors, feelings. Please take into consideration that the messages I provide to you may not make any sense to you at the moment, but can at a later date. Outcomes happen on their own divine timing. The important thing is knowing what you need to do in between to manifest your desire. To receive an accurate and clear reading, make sure to chat with me without any distractions, relax, be open minded, allow for us to have enough time to connect, and take notes. In order to receive a clear and concise reading, please be direct when asking questions. Vague questions will only result with vague answers. Please note: I do not tolerate obsessive or offensive behavior. If I feel that your ex will not return because they are with their true partner, please do not tell me that he is the only man for you. It's not fair to rate me a one star reading, when I am simply trying to guide you on the right, positive, spiritual path, without you having anger, obsessive, or any negative energies you have inside of you. I am here to guide you with empowerment, to create positive energies, and if you're meant to ascend to a higher level whether it's love, career or healing, I will help guide you and teach you how to clear your path. ****I do not provide general readings. I prefer to read for those who are asking specific questions only. If you are looking for a general reading, please contact another reader. Please do not ask when will a person contact you. I do not focus on timings. If I can pick up a date or event, then I will let you know during the reading. Let the reading flow and allow for me to give you the messages and answers you need to know to help with your outcome to achieve your desire.**** My readings do not take in place of any financial, legal, medical or counseling advice. My readings are for entertaining and spiritual guiding purposes. You must be at least 18 years of age to request a reading from me. Thank you and I look forward to helping you! If I am not available, please arrange a call or send a message and I will get back with you as soon as I can, and we can arrange a time for us to chat.


I've been reading for clients for over 25 years, mostly assisting clients with love and relationship advice by offering telephone, chat, and email with psychic readings, life questions, spiritual readings, and using tarot cards.

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Really great reading and very positive as well.
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