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Welcome! Carla Curlee is a renowned Psychic Tarot Reader who has been working professionally for nearly thirty years in order to help people to find the truth, to learn about the character and intent of those you may have in question and to help you make more informed choices on your path. She offers one of the most authentic and accurate experiences in receiving a psychic tarot reading that you will find! The information Carla receives through her cards is uncanny in it's accuracy! Through her skill she is able to DETERMINE TIME FRAMES as well as the intent of those you may want to know more about! She has a compassion and kindness that comes from genuinely caring and sincerity. Carla connects with Spirit through use of her own intuitive abilities and her trusted tarot decks which are how Spirit Speaks to her through using her cards. She discovered how her tarot cards work as a sort of language created by images and vibration which allow her to communicate with Spirit Guides who come through in order to help you get the answers and direction you need! Carla SPECIALIZE IN DATES AND TIME FRAMES and can easily discern another person's character and intent when you are uncertain about their motives or how they are to fit into your life now and in the future. Predictions are a large part of her capabilities and while no one is always 100% right she has a high percentage rate for accuracy through the years. Carla is passionate about this work and and is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to be able to experience one of the most authentic psychic tarot readings to be found on the Internet! *While she doesn't consider herself to be a Medium, there are times when a passed on loved one will choose to make an appearance and when this occurs she has said she "just allows the energy to flow". Since it's not something she can do at will she doesn't include this as a specialty. Carla has an completely satisfied international clientele and has enjoyed reading for famous folks and "regular" people alike. She treats each person with the respect and compassion they deserve and is careful to not rush a session, only beginning once she is completely connected and has gathered enough information to begin the actual reading. You will relax with her guided breath meditation allowing the energy to flow more freely (which is important when working online and not face to face) enabling the querent to more easily and readily receive the flow of information. Interaction is encouraged so if you have specific questions feel free to ask and interact with her throughout your session experience! Contact Carla today to speak in live chat or to schedule your reading session now! Be prepared to receive honest, authentic and highly accurate information from Spirit! Its an amazing experience that you won't want to miss!


30 years experience in the Psychic Profession doing Psychic Parties and Phone line work. 25 years experience working online through many sites too numerous to name as well as my own private business online. I have worked with clients from all walks of life , throughout the world from every financial and social class, LGBTQ community welcome, all religions (or non), and I have had the opportunity to work for a few celebrity personalities, as well! Carla accepts questions of every type, topic and area of concern including family matters, love, romance, dating/cheating/divorce/reunion.. ALL RELATIONSHIP related questions, money/work/business/career including upcoming changes, questions about moving, education, difficult choices.

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Nov 27, 2018
he hasn’t asked me out ? any idea by when
Nov 5, 2017
Oct 22, 2017
Nov 16, 2015
Incredibly fast and very friendly. Would recommend this lovely woman to everyone, who wants to get their problems solved. 5 stars!
Nov 10, 2015
That is what happens to me. I will call you again today
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