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Psychic Empath Jessie
Psychic Empath Jessie
Life Coaching
Psychic Empath Jessie


Warmest love and light! I specialize in love and relationships. I work with each of my clients very individually and with compassion and true guidance and I will give you the true and honest information that you deserve to hear. I love helping others and I will guide you and give you clarity. I'm able to find what's really under the surface and figure it out and find those karmic blocks and healing that and bringing you and your person back together. I am an expert with Twin Flames and I see what stage you are in, and how to help you in finding those messages to get you closer to your Twin, and also strengthen communication. I truly understand the way energy works and solve and heal the root of the situation as love is a precious thing and I have the ability to know what really is happening and give you real guidance to give you clarity on your journey. I receive very clear messages, and it's very fulfilling for me to show you the truth and work with you as I am a problem solver. I truly believe that anyone can have what they want in love and in life, and I will show you how to use positive energy to make it all happen!


I discovered my ability to hear angels and get telepathic messages when I was 7 years old, as I am very connected to others' emotions and feelings and I have a unique ability to hear certain songs that help with my psychic readings. I am very sensitive and I have a true heightened intuition. My grandmother has been my spirit guide since I was a child and she has been giving me answers in order for me to guide others on their journey of life, and she gives me clear messages through music, dreams, and telepathy, and I can't wait to read for you. My spirit guide Marjorie has helped clients of mine reach Twin Flame Union, so I am especially thankful to her for all of her help. I have been doing professional readings for 10 years, and I am also a Tarot card reader. I also use crystals and I specialize in reading energy with my crystals and tapping into all of your chakras to send warm positive energy of light to your chakras. I always go into a high vibrating deep meditation and it gives me the most clarity. With this special high vibrational meditation, I always get the most helpful messages. I am a love specialist, and I have great advice to give you. 




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