Psychic Anastasia


Hello my name is Anastasia. I am a world renowned psychic for the past 19 years. I work with palm, tarot cards, soul mate readings, angel readings, and much more to provide you with concrete answers to ease your mind body and spirit. I am able to give you guidance and with just one reading with me you will be able to be confident and reassured as of which path to take for a bright and fulfilling future.


I have given guidance and peace of mind to many people from all walks of life from all over the world and I hope you are one of them! Doing this does not only take knowledge understanding and years of experience but it also takes love for what you do and that is exactly why I have been so successful in helping many people for 19 years. Doing this since I was 6 years old I have learned many things and discovered a lot about my ability in this quest to help others. I find joy in in giving people answers to all life's questions wether it be love career family there is no question that cannot be answered!

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Occult Readings Mind Reading Crowley Cards Soulmates Cheating and Affairs Breakup and Divorce Kipper Cards Karma and Past Life Automatic Writing Rune Stone Career Advice Shamans Angel Readings Relationship Advice Osho Zen Cards Psychic Reading Dating Advice Angel Cards Crystal Ball Dream Analysis Love and Sex Lenormand Cards Family Advice Parents and Children Other Tarot Cards Paranormal Phenomena Channeling Psychic Mediums Spiritual Reading Tea Leaves Clairvoyant Readings Skat Cards Rider Waite Cards




Lovely reading
I enjoyed my interaction with Anastasia very much. She can tell you a lot of information regarding your question and seems to really care. thanks!
Amazing! Super on point and correct with everything highly recommend her! She also very nice and sweet! Makes you feel better talking to her and safe!
She was amazing answered all my questions I have gotten a lot of readings none of them as accurate as this one thank you so much! I would for sure get another from her!
That was great! She's very confident and gifted
She gave a very honest answer. Thank you :-)
Your reading was accurate and it does help a lot
Thank you for that great reading :)
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