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Probably A Shaman
Probably A Shaman
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Probably A Shaman


Hey there, I'm Probably a Shaman! Love and Romance, relationships Career Crystals Candles and Candle Magick Archangels Cord Cutting Tarot/oracle cards Psychic Protection Ghosts/spirits/demonology Law of Attraction/New Age Philosophy Incense Chakra work Dreams Astral Projection Shadow Work These are some of the strongest points of my works and studies! I am not here to tell anyone what they want to hear. I'm here to give you information that will better your life. I read the tarot using my intuition and empathic abilities to deliver clear, accurate information. Aside from reading tarot, I am also a life coach and love getting people on the fast track to truly living their best life! I have a powerful connection to my higher self, and have years of studying and practicing spirituality. Get on the phone with me today and we can pinpoint any issue and find a solution that serves your highest good!


I have been a very strong empath my entire life. I didn't realize it until I was nearly an adult, but once the pieces began to fit I started using my intuitive and empathetic gifts in my mid teen years to help my close friends, though it took me a while to really understand what my gifts were and why they worked. Eventually, my grandma introduced me to tarot cards. I watched her do readings in her office and would watch her clients break down and cry because she was so accurate. I knew they worked; I believed they were a powerful tool. It wasn't until she passed away that I decided I needed to carry the torch and continue her work. Since then, I've practiced on myself, my friends, my family, family friends, and internet strangers until I became confident enough to start charging for my readings and have clients. Since then, I've just practiced diligently and consistently, and have done whatever I can to understand tarot on a deeper level. Nowadays, I still read for clients but have also begun my journey into the world of life coaching, and can't wait to see how that will impact my reading capabilities!

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Jun 4, 2019
you are awesome thank you
May 31, 2019
Gave me solid advice that really resonated due to being grounded in reality combined with interpreting cards. No complain, would definitely return. ?
May 30, 2019
I’m so sorry!!! I can’t this time around but I do appreciate your readings! Thank you!!!
May 24, 2019
May 24, 2019
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