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Powerful Predictions


Accurate, Honest Predictions from a REAL Psychic! With the help of my powerful guides, I will give you the answers, details, and predictions that you need! Take the first step in improving your life by calling me now!   I'm a straight shooter. I want you to have the answers that are going to give you the needed results to make positive changes in your life. There are no judgments from me...only solutions and real predictions. My readings are honest and specific, addressing your personal concerns in an easy to understand and straight forward manner. This enables me to communicate the person in question's feelings and concerns directly to you. Not only do I give predictions, but I also try to help you find solutions. During your reading, I will give you characteristics, descriptions, emotions, thoughts, feelings and time frames. I truly CARE about my clients. You are here because my Angel Guides have brought you to my page. Many times we need answers to questions that have been eating away at us for a while. Other times we just need quick insight as to what is actually happening around us. I'm a compassionate, strong, warm, gifted person and I understand that sometimes life can be difficult and emotional, but I'm here to help you live life to the fullest. The universe created you to be healthy and happy and I will be there by your side to guide you. I believe in karma and will not give you false hope. I only tell you what my guides are telling me and what is coming across. Let my guides protect you, bless you and change what's going on in your life with the help of their white, magical light. Let my guides give you a glimpse of your future and put you on the best life path possible so you are happy and inspired. Let's see what messages and predictions come across from my guides so we can discover your destiny with their magical help. Call me now for the answers you needed yesterday!


It was at the age of 7 that I realized I had a natural born gift with spiritual intuitions. My gift was passed down from my grandmother, to my mother and then to me. I am not a book learned or class learned reader, I am a natural psychic and have been since birth. No one taught me to be psychic; it is a God given gift that comes naturally. When I was young, I learned how to harness my gift through the help of a Psychic Master and I have continued to develop this gift over the years by enhancing my skills in psychic competitions. I feel, hear and see what is around your energy and the people you love. I am an intuitive empath, which is a person with the paranormal ability to feel and know the mental or emotional state of another individual. I often feel the intentions, actions, and words of others. Many clients say that the words I use are “exactly what someone said to them.” My clients say that my predictions are accurate, detailed and that I’m a compassionate person with a caring heart. My angels and guides have created magical results with thousands of clients from all around the world. I teach seminars, classes online, and conduct workshops in my town. I teach people how to align themselves, live spiritually, pull happiness towards them, and allow things to flow naturally to be their very best emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I teach people how to be their happiest and enjoy their life to the fullest. My readings are NOT general but detailed and customized for you. My areas of expertise are in Love/Relationships, Breakups/Divorce, Career/Work, and Money/Prosperity and all life questions. I have developed my own techniques to help you find your true love and give you answers to life’s questions. I can give great details about a person, and what they are thinking and feeling and intending to do. This is both professionally and romantically. I aim to give you a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit.  I’ve made appearances on cable psychic television shows and on syndicated radio. In addition, I’ve worked with police departments giving facts on cases with no leads and have done thousands of readings for all different types of clients including other psychics, the media and people all over the world. If you are stuck on the wrong path, I can help. My guides will provide answers and details to questions and concerns that you have that will give you magical results and change the direction that your life is going in a positive way. My clients say that my predictions are powerful. With my background and experience, you can call me with confidence for the answers you needed yesterday!

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Powerful Predictions is indeed powerful!! I really wish I had the funds to keep talking. I'm going through a very rough time and he gave me confirmation of what I suspected now maybe when I have more money he can give me some direction. My advice to anyone reading this would be to not settle for less and to reach out to him, you won't regret it!
loved my reading, helped me in soo many ways
very good
thank you
very good
thank you so much !!!
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