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I am 3rd generation psychic.This a gift from my ancestors . I learned i had the ability when i was 7 years old. I was always taught to respect this gift and use it to help others to know the answer to questions. Non was trivial all are taken seriously . I answer with care and compassion to wisely give them clarity to see the path forward to be aware of the good and bad.I will be direct and honest in answering your questions . The tarot cards are wonderful to. I started to learn these beautiful cards when i 13 years old along with my psychic abilities . I learned to use them to help others with 1 question or a life reading. I use them along with my psychic abilities to help everyone who has questions about love family career money matters marriage divorce and help in finding the person to share your life dreams with.The tarots are 1 of the oldest ways to answer and predict the past-present and future. Today there are a wide variety to choose from each with it's own special meanings. The runes go back to biblical times they where called oracles . I became interested in them because i noticed many places in Europe were designed with different runes for different reasons. whether it was happiness health fortune bounty or to keep away bad influences . They to are accurate as is tarot and psychic readings. Combining all 3 give even more in depth readings. I have always looked to improved my abilities over 35 years and continue to do so today.I love helping everyone no matter what walk of life they come from.and enjoy helping them see what is ahead.


I learned at an early age of my psychic abilities. My great grandmother had the sight.And helped me and advised me as to be confident in my ability and to be honest and compassionate.She came here from Europe and stayed. I developed the amazing gift. But I also wanted to learn about the tarot cards they are a wonderful tool to use as i learned they are very reliable in answering one question or your whole life reading, the cards are accurate in your past-present and future. I have used the cards many times to see any happiness or trouble coming into peoples lives.I took classes while in denver colorado to hone my skills in tarot cards and I also learned the runes as well they are a very old form used to look into the future and help to anyone who is uncertain of where they are headed.I have had a places of business for over 30 years and will advise you as i have others that needed answers. I can connect with those that have uncertainty questions of family -children -careers-money-love. I strive to be honest and compassionate in giving reading everyone the answers that is important to them.I have also been included in psychic fairs.For the past 20 years i have also worked with online psychic and chat it is amazing work .Talking to people from all over the world has helped to know that i can help and answer their questions . I look beyond the surface to the innermost part of people to truly answer questions that they need answered.Ilisten intently to what you say and ask about .Nothing is trivial if it is important to you then it is important me. I will help to put you at ease because the stress around you in day to day affects you.The past 40 years have helped me to continue learning and honing my skills to help guide people from all walks life.Over the years of having my own places of business i have seen many things that people go through and looking for answers to help them i will use all my tools to give them the correct information that they look for.My years of working with psychic online has helped to become more aware what everyone wants or needs at time.I been on numerous well known lines so i have experience in talking and answer any question you have and will be direct and honest.




May 31, 2023
May 31, 2023
thank you so much poppy. you were so clear and insightful. i truly believe your prediction will come to pass.
Feb 2, 2023
Oct 27, 2022
Oct 26, 2021
Calm, collected, knowledgable. The best 💓🦋
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