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Psychic Zanna
Psychic Zanna
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Psychic Zanna


Hello from Psychic Zanna! Highly sought after internationally well known clairvoyant psychic with over 20 years in the metaphysical field. I specialize in clairvoyant readings which is the art of being able to "see" images of a person's past, present or future events. At times I use the Tarot cards, palmistry, crystal ball scrying and my intuitive powers to gain insight into your questions. Whether your looking for answers about love concerns, life issues, career decisions, money decisions, lost loved ones, lost pets, real estate or family concerns. I am here as a direct, yet compassionate, warm and welcoming guide for you. I will never embellish the truth or provide false hope. I do not require a great deal of information to see the outcome either, simply ask and you will be amazed. Many times in our life we just need more clarity on a major life decision from a source greater than us. Please connect with me and... Let's begin a lifetime journey together.


My story began as a young child with the uncanny ability to see images of lost items, people and pets. At first it was simply through dream work. Over time it became during daylight hours as well as in dreams. I have always had this uncanny gift and have given many clients clarity on their situations by simply following the messages I receive from spirit. The art of simply "knowing". Over the years I have attended a spiritual university to hone my skills in tarot, palmistry, intuitive counselling, crystal healing, psychic development and medium ship. To date I have worked for 12 different metaphysical shops offering my services as a professional psychic and tarot reader. Plus I have been an online adviser for several years. What I do is my skill set and my passion. I look forward to guiding you in your path of light and love.

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