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Phoenix Wind


I have been working with my intuition and psychic abilities for many lifetimes and am grateful to be of service. I can help assist you to dive deeper into your subconscious to unlock the limitations of your own ability to live in your highest potential. We are all authentic divine emanations of creation and I love to assist one coming into their own true empowerment through various ways. I work with the assistance of the Star Nations and angelic race who are more present and available than ever at this time on the planet. I offer distant healings/Reiki~ Intuitive healing~counseling work (as far as uncovering the deep unconscious shadows that keep us asleep in our own conditioning)~ psycho analysis ~ dream work~soul retrieval~ tarot readings~ shamanic/spiritual guidance~ nutrition counseling~ holistic health counseling~ accessing our power tools and unconditional Love. I have realized that the essence of my heart is rare in this world and that I can offer the Love which is sourced from divine Love, that which is an infinite flow and able to access for each and everyone of us at anytime. I have worked with many different plant medicines and I can assist others in understanding what may be a rightful path for the journey that they are going through specifically on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I weave my knowledge of holistic medicine, with spiritual healing to help one come back into their life of center and balance, self love and the endurance we need to thrive~


I was born on a new moon in Capricorn with a Sun in Capricorn, and have felt a connection to source and the star Nations since I was a child. I have been very connected with my psychic abilities in this lifetime which I have come to understand is mostly because of my astrological makeup. I work with the seen and unseen realms and have assisted others in navigating areas such as psycho analysis~revealing of the sub conscious nature~spiritual guidance /life coaching~ remote healing and soul retrievals. This has showed up in many forms including assisting birth to assisting death, shamanic journeying, counseling, to becoming a ceremonialist, a holistic health counselor and beyond. I find that especially being in the feminine body in this life that my work here is truly about my receptivity and intuition as well as bridging the unseen with the seen. My own journey of self healing has shown me that we are all our own healer and hold the key for our own liberation, and although we often look outside of ourselves for a healer or doctor etc, that the best thing I can offer as a spiritual guide is to help assist one back into the wholeness of themselves. I was inspired to follow the path of healer because of my own health trials and tribulations with ancestral root trauma which I have learned and healed through alternative medicine. The trials have instilled in me a great compassion and drive to help other human beings. I began working with plant medicines and have seen and experienced that our plant allies and the Earth provides all the medicine we need to be whole. Mostly it is a disconnection from spirit that creates disease and imbalance, and as I see the world plagued by the drug epidemic, I am inspired to help others find their connection to being healthy and whole through more sustainable and natural ways. After my studies in holistic health and working with medicine peoples of North America, my journey took me to Peru to further pursue shamanic studies/experience. I honor that my life is a healing journey of the souls evolution and have helped many humans wake up to step into their true healing journey. I am here in this life to bridge heavenly love into physical reality and create heaven on Earth, by assisting us each awakening into our true divine and authentic nature.

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