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Straight Forward Direction & Answers . Knowledge is Power 
My Powerful Gifts are Clairvoyant :clearly see non-physical realities or dimensions, surrounding energies, auras, Clairaudient:the person who can hear events occurring at long distance, in the physical world, and events occurring in non-physical dimensions. Clairsensitive:who can feel the surrounding energies and non-physical consciousnesses Lucid Projector:astral traveller or sky walker, the person that leaves the physical body Lucid dreamer:achieves control of dreams, becomes increasingly more lucid, and can use the trigger Precognitor:develops the capacity to gather information from a possible future Retrocognitor:acquires information from past lives Telepath:can ‘read’ the information being transmitted mind-to-mind Psychic Surgeon:Thanks to the abundance of ectoplasmic energy can do spiritual surgery to help heal Medium:mediates and brings information from the non-physical dimensions MAGIC IS IN THE HEART OF US ALL BUT LEARN TO USE IT WISELY


JUST AS THE PHOENIX COMES RISING OUT OF THE ASHES SO WE ALL DO LET ME GUIDE YOU TO SAW ABOVE THE NEGATIVE IN YOUR LIFE AND FIND PEACE AND SERENITY. With my Powerful Insight life will begin and the negative will disappear I am Here to give you a straight forward reading in all areas of your life. I am Italian back ground come from a long line of gypsy psychics and casters. Some areas in which I can help: Reaching Beyond , Past Lives and Purpose , Unwelcome Presences , Love and Relationships , Psychic Medium , Numerology, Parents And Children , Banishing Ghost or Spirit , Soulmate Reading , Psychic Attack Reading , Tarot Reading , Breaking Up And Divorce , Cheating And Affairs, Spell removal, Career & Money, Body scanning for illness .  Aura Scanning & Healing LIVE LIFE  LOVE LIFE    SIMPLE RULES BUT EFFECTIVE


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