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Phoenix Marie


My specialty is love and relationships and timeframes. I am clairvoyant, empath, intitutive Find out about many things Relationships/Breakups Job Travel Spirit Animal Guides Astrology/Horoscope compability Oracle Cards Aura Readings I can see months and seasons. Pregnancy/Gender. I am very sensitive and caring, I give you honest answers. I am a Taurus/earth sign. My last name in Gaelic means Healer. Both of my parents have seen spirits in the houses they grew up in. My Specialty Questions 1. Is love in the stars? 2. Will my relationship last? 3. What journey should I take right now? 4. Will my dreams come true? 5. A message from the Universe


I have been experienced with these abilities for over 10 years now. because of the responsibility of this gift, I have spent the past couple years mastering my abilities through extensive daily meditation and ascension, raising my own vibration so that I could reach out to others. As I became aware of my ability as a teenager I truely did put some thought into this gift, and what to do with it. I decided to share it with others, to help provide them the answers that they are seeking, for their questions attatched to their minds. I offer not only answers, but guidance. Advice, insight, ways to resolve situations and ways to start or end something as well. i provide my readings with honesty and truth, and I do make sure my clients are aware of that so they may be prepped for the negative and positive there may be in the reading. I am an encouraging psychic advisor and spell caster, I am always trying to provide my clients the positivity and encouregement they need to gain, for peace in the mind, and spirit. To gain knowledge and wisdom, and to have clairity with them to have the oppurtunity to move forward and make decisions

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always very helpful
great reading with quick connection
Thank you
it was ok il be returning another time
Could not answer well
very good reading.
Very disappointed!! Wrong information given
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