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Peter Chan
Peter Chan
Career & Success
Peter Chan


I’ve been reading angel cards and tarot for over 15 years. I have a spiritual gift since a child and that I’m very proud of. I connect to my spiritual guides daily (Patrick). They communicate with me through smells and through energy. I can help with relationship issues and also around career. I do not sugar coat and wouldn’t like to hear things sugar coated myself. I give my honest perspective and any obstacles that come up in your life can be shifted choosing the right direction. Nothing is perfect and no one goes through life without a storm. Be specific with your questions and focus on what is actually bothering you, not what you want to hear. I also have knowledge with Chinese zodiac reading and face reading. I believe there is a lot that Chinese face reading can pick up especially whether a couple is compatible or not. In Chinese face reading we use 13 divisions labeled from the top of the forehead down to the bottom of the chin. All these divisions determine an area in a persons life from childhood, adulthood to old age. By using my skills I am able to determine how someone's career or relationship will turn out during that year. I love combining western and chinese methods together in order to get the most accurate readings.


I have been reading sngel cards for 15 years and Chinese face reading for 7.5 years. I'm so grateful for my spirit guide Patrick that has been guiding me through my first years of tarot reading and been with me since. I know that I can call him for guidance whenever I need a insight on a situation. I never thought that 15 years later I would still be reading angel cards for clients. I have helped many clients (testimonials on request) change their lives and paths via career and relationships. Angels cards are powerful but Patrick my spiritual guide has given me lots of indepth warnings and alerts. I understand that a lot of obstacles we go through in life is a challenge and a lesson but also one that we can all overcome if we pick the right paths. Not only have been very fortunate to have helped many clients through angel card readings but also studied Chinese Face reading in Hong Kong, Kowloon for 4 years and a extra 3 and half years helping clients with face reading at Chinese new year functions and workshops. Unfortunately plastic surgery cannot change one's true personality no matter if you remove the troubled areas of the face. If one is born stubborn and firey it's almost impossible to force them to back down to tolerate the other person. These character traits can be seen in face reading, so sometimes its better to know if its worth continuing the relationship. One of the most successful cases I've worked on is a older woman in her fifties that had trouble meeting the right men in her life. She had almost given up after meeting so many disloyal men. But Patrick my spiritual guide hinted there was one guy almost 12 years younger that was looking for a woman similar to her. Within 2 months of the reading she had met a guy 12 years younger via a friend and there was a instant connection. Although she had a slight dent on her 4th division Chung Cheng (below her eyebrows) which indicated that she was very impatiient. He was able to tolerate her impatience by his rounded and strong chin bone. They have since started living together and have intentions to get married.




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