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Advisor Lisa


I am a life and love specialist Clairvoyant psychic with 34 years experience; fifth generation. AS seen in The New York Times back in 1995, Twin flame specialist, Life Coach, Aura Cleansing Consultant, Tarot Card Master, Energy Healer, Spiritual Healer, I will help you overcome some of your most difficult life decisions, whether it's love, family or friends. These are just a few things I can help you figure out to bring you peace of mind. Are you feeling confused about why their communication is inconsistent and emotionally in and out of the relationship? Why is your partner not reaching out or responding to your calls or text? Or if the person your with is a twin flame or a soul mate, I can tell you what stage your in and what to look forward to next! I am a firm believer there is no life without problems no problem without solutions whether your problem is big or small with my psychic and spiritual abilities I am able to show you clarity and give you guidance to put you on the right path in life! I am a passionate non-judgemental Psychic and helped all walks of life worldwide. I can help you in all life matters such as Love relationships, health, career work, finance whatever you desire to know. I do not sugar coat my reading I tell you what is see good or bad.so if your ready for the truth am the psychic for you! Don't stay confused am just a phone call away! I am Looking forward to hear from you soon.


I specialize in palm readings, tarot card readings, psychic readings as well as energy and Crystal readings. I have been featured on the front page of “The New York Times” I have helped over 60,000 people worldwide to guide and direct them onto their journey to achieve success in all aspects. I will tell you past, present, and future. I will guide you through any life pressing decision whether it is in love, finance, career, family. I will answer all of your questions in detail. Many people have come to me lost, confused and indecisive, I have been able to redirect and bring a sense of clarity and restore hope back into their lives. I have repeated clients that have made me their “go-to” psychic for over 30 years. I professionalize in meditation and meditation courses. I have thought many of those who want to become spiritually connected to the universe, I have helped them find their way and I can help you too!

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what I was told did not resonate with my current situation I was told that there’s a fear of commitment from my boyfriend of 2 years but that was not the problem and I was hoping she would pick up on the unique problems we have been facing
thank you
thanks for ur help
please send mins
thanks again
my absolute favorite!!!
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