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Are you concerned what your relationship is to the person you love? Does he/she loves you? Is he/she not that into you? Is he/she bored of me? Am I being used? These are all questions that I can help you discover the answers to so you can find peace of mind and clarity. I can help you better understand the relationship that you are currently in and what is the best action to take to either get your relationship to the NEXT LEVEL or simply end it so that your soul can evolve in to the next stage of happiness and growth. If you are finding yourself in a cross roads and feel lost and helpless and don't know what to do about your relationship... Contact me and I will help you find the answers that you are looking for.


I've been helping people with their relationships for over 13 years. I've helped them understand themselves better through the relationship that they are currently in. Sometimes we need clarity about why are we experiencing the person that we love or that we care about a certain way and sometimes it just feels like you are in a big murky tidal wave of emotions. I have been trained in healing modalities but, most importantly, Spirit called me to be a shaman. For the past 7 years I have has a deep connection with Spirit. This is where I really learned to tap into the masculine and feminine energies and other realms to truly understand relationships and possible outcomes depending on the situations that we are encountering as well as what can happen next depending on what actions or attitudes we decide to take. I help people with their relationship problems by tapping into their energies and if I feel that I need more clarity I use heart based tarot cards as well as Angel Cards to truly have a grasp on your situation so that I can really help you with concrete answers and what you should in order to manifest what it's TRULY your heart's desire?


Happy Valentine's day!
good will see how accurate
Thank you!!!! he was very sweet and so nice. Very helpful and made sense - thank you xox
thank you so much, everything he said makes sense and coming to find my truth. please send me free minutes?
sorry love went low on funds please could you help me with few minutes
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