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I make use of tarot cards to empower people and to help them make the best possible choices for themselves. I also make use of oracle cards, angel cards, crystals, rune stones and the pendulum. In addition to that, I am also an energy healer and utilize color therapy. I am here because I want to share my intuitive gifts. I hope to motivate people towards complete self-actualization. At the very least I am ready to lend a listening ear and to share intuitive inputs when asked. I simply want to touch lives in the most positive light. My reading style is both emphatic and motivational. I truly believe in the potential of every person.


I started reading cards in 1996. I fully embraced my intuitive gifts after a decade of working in a corporate environment where logic was my ally but intuition gave me the extra oomph. I have read for hundreds of people both online and in person over the past two decades but more so since 2017. I have studied in depth about various modes of energy healing and also about different ways of channeling intuition. I have put all the theories into practice and have read for people from all walks of life and of various nationalities. I have also done readings via chat, email, SMS and in-person.

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