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Hello, my name is Felicia, my spirit name is Panther. Since I was a child at the age of 8, I knew I had a spiritual gift. I would sense things as no one else and predict things before they would happen. I have heard my spirit guide calling me to help others. Let my spirit guide lead you to the life you were always meant to live, a life of happiness, peace, and bliss. Let me be your guide into tranquility and hope! Have you ever asked yourself where you should be in life, or wondered if you are where you're supposed to be? Are you living up to your full potential, have you found the one? Life has many questions, and I have the answers! I guarantee to answer your questions! If you want to take it a step further, I can teach you how to open up your mind's eye! I am 100% the real deal and will not disappoint you. Let my spirit guides help you on your life's journey! Let me be your psychic today!


With over 20 years of knowledge and experience, which started when I was a young girl helping her friends and family. Fast forward to be present and since my adolescence, I have had a local psychic shop for 8 years and counting. I'm currently making the move to accommodate online users from around the world who cannot make it to my shop.


very good
right on spot thank you panther , trustworthy
good energy and really nice but a super slow typist. Gave interesting details though
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