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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Panos, I am a psychic, medium and clairvoyant who uses tarot cards, numerology, and his intuition in order to deliver high-quality readings about love, relationships, career, finances, family and life path. I also deal with LGBT issues and I offer a unique service of previous life enlightenment ( three separate 15-minute sessions are required for this one) during which we are going to detect your previous life or lives, what you were doing, who you were in love with, your likes, dislikes, talents, fears, and all the connection that all this has to your present and current life! I specialize in energy healing, spiritual awakening, and relationships with several issues and problems! Feel free here to open your heart to me and say whatever you need to share! No judgment at all, just compassion, advice and a friendly attitude is what you must expect from me! Please, include your first name, date of birth, favorite color, your question or problem and a description of your personality using only three adjectives! I don't offer readings about health and people below 18 years old.


I realized that I had a very strong intuition since I was 6 years old when I could feel it every time my parents were going to have an argument! I started doing predictions later when I was a teenager about my friends and they all came true! I realized then that I should do something about this ability and try to get it to the next level. When I got 20 years old and after graduating college I started attending seminaries about astrology, numerology, tarot card readings and energy healing in my country's capital, Athens! I gained precious knowledge there and I learned all the necessary techniques that a medium and psychic needs in order to connect to other people's energies and unlock their future and what destiny holds for them! I started seeing people at home when I was 28 years old - just 7 years ago- and now I have a stable clientele consisting of people who trust me and find comfort and useful advice regarding their problems. I specialize in love and relationships, divorce, reconciliations, LGBT issues but I also offer insight regarding career, finances, talents, life paths. I can pick up things easily and quickly, I can find lost items too. Just 8 months ago I got trained on how to detect previous life or lives, which is a procedure that requires your collaboration and 3 different sessions of 15 minutes! We can find together who you have been, what you were doing, who you were in love with, what were your talents, your likes, dislikes, your worst fears and how you died. All this related to who you are now and what is your destiny now! Feel free to ask me about your person of interest and I will be happy to assist you with any kind of problems you might be facing! I do energy healing also if you feel that negativity has dominated your life and doesn't allow you to live in peace and be happy and successful! Time to find answers to your questions! Don't hesitate to contact me anytime, it will be my pleasure to assist you! Thank you in advance!

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3 h ago
I will keep you posted. Thank you so much Panos, you have given me so much insight. I will definitely come back to you. I see you connected with me like no one else. πŸ™πŸ™
11 h ago
Only reader who gets exact dates and time frames right to this day! AMAZING!
Jan 21, 2022
thanks love keep me in prayers
Jan 20, 2022
he is so quick
Jan 20, 2022
enjoyed Panos85 very much! I don’t think the meter was calibrated. I paid for more time then I got
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