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Pamela Joy
Pamela Joy
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Pamela Joy


There is great energy and power regarded in the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Astrology. It is what fills my psyche with images, impressions and thoughts. These impressions are what enable me to divine information and wisdom to you. My readings and the astrologically attuned conversations I have with you offers to you solutions to your questions, whatever they may be. We all go through moments where we are challenged by life’s circumstances. A relationship goes awry, or wedding jitters come up. Job and career situations need to change, how to make the change? Money, finances, home, family and health. All of these issues and topics have connections to your Zodiac, your chart. I look forward to speaking with you and unraveling the mystery of your chart into your own personal map. The key to you!


I have great love, respect and fascination for people which inspires my Readings. I am also a certified Life Coach. It’s a wonderfully harmonious combination that deepens my Readings. I offer a brief or extended conversation with you while viewing your chart where I get to the heart of what you are looking for. If you are burned out by business, partner, finances or struggling with health issues, I will make sure we turn it around to leave you refreshed, energized and renewed. I have been doing Astrology since I was a child. And studied psychology in two programs from which I received certification as a Life Coach. It’s been an interesting journey. It is the color of my “parachute”. Let me help you find yours!

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