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Pamela Joy


The ancient  knowledge and wisdom of Astrology allows me to skillfully unravel,see and support all who I give readings to. The clarity & vision I have let's me offer you a  direct route that lets you  achieve  your goals and live your dreams.  I can answer your questions about relationships, careers, health, money and finances as well as offer practical insights on how to find a suitable lifestyle that ultimately supports creating a good beautiful life. I consistently and creatively tune in to the coded messages of your chart and then compassionately and consistently clarify to you what is needed and necessary for you.  I can show you how to open the doors that will lead you to achieving what you are aiming for. I look forward to finding for you the basic, balanced essential tools that you will need in order to give you the necessary clarity & understanding that provides you with far reaching solutions and ways to realize your goals, dreams and desires.


It is my gift and seasoned resources that I have developed as a performer & storyteller along with over 25 years of study with which I went into private practice as a depth  psychic coach. It is with my love, respect, fascination and appreciation of people that most definitely inspires,supports and clarifies my style and way of reading & interpreting astrology charts. My love of the magnificent, poetic, spiritual and practical tool of astrology and the insights I am able to gain access to as I look at and study a chart fills me with a kind of extra sensory perception that let's me speak to whomever I am reading for with wisdom and with knowledge. I offer a valuable, unique and supportive knowledge that clarifies and inspires the journey you dream of into the life you can live. After all the most important answers and solutions there are, are found through the real connections between your Soul and your Self. I am quite grateful that my life's work has allowed me the joy and satisfaction of supporting and guiding people in whatever way is needed and necessary for them to create successful, fulfilling lifestyles.

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