Osho Zen Cards 124 Advisors

The Osho-Zen Tarot is a beautifully illustrated, and very non-traditional Tarot deck. Created by Ma Deva Padma and based on the teachings of deceased Zen Master Osho, the deeply saturated, vibrant artwork fires the imagination and stirs the intuition. Each evocative card has a single word or theme imprinted on it that pertains to the human experience in all its ups, downs, and sideways. There’s a playful intelligence to this deck that appeals to many people who find it helpful for lightening up and not taking life, or themselves, too seriously. Unlike other decks, there is also a focus on staying in this very moment, rather than projecting out into what the future may hold for the person seeking the oracular guidance.

The Osho-Zen deck comes with a reference book that contains an interpretation for each card that is based in Eastern Philosophy and includes several stories from the Buddha’s life. The deck does not follow the traditional Major and Minor Arcana patterns, but offers its own twist. The Osho-Zen suits are Fire, Clouds, Water, and Rainbows, and some of the Major cards have new associations. For example, in place of the High Priestess card, you'll find Inner Voice. The Emperor is a Rebel in the Osho-Zen deck, the Hanged Man card represents New Vision, the Devil is simply Conditioning, and Death is Transformation, of course.

One extra Major Arcana card has been added to this deck: “The Master,” representing the eventual escaping from the continuous reincarnational wheel of birth-death-rebirth through enlightenment. Naturally, the image on the Master card is that of Osho himself. This is an ideal deck for people who like an honest dose of reality checking and to-the-point spiritual guidance that is grounded and balanced.