I am a third generation psychic medium, I have always been very intuitive and I perceive the energy of the people I have associated with my work and my private life. I'm lucky to come from a family of psychics. My grandmother was particularly known in the community as a psychic for her abilities. I was fortunate to have two great people in my life who helped me improve my visions and teach me what they knew and their understanding of having the gift of past, present and future visions, my grandmother and sister, so today I am an empathetic professional but I prefer to say by passion then by profession. I have a rich backround in love and relationship. Through my reading and my energy power I will guide you to move forward in life and in problems. Also, I analyze and I interpret dreams, it's so important because sometimes we have the answers in our dreams! I am sensitive and compassionate, I can be your spiritual guide and your personal support, I feel people and emotions really deep, I create connections very peacefully and I always read the emotion. My tarot cards are the Waite tarot, accurate and easy to read, I've been an expert since I started reading when I was 15, 20 years of experience and I'm proud to help people. When you read me, you will receive advice, guide steps to find solutions. Many people all over the world are still in touch with me after years. I'm honest, direct and I always suggest the best for my clients, when you have a gift, the only way to feel yourself realized is to use it to help as many people as you can. Feel sure to get in touch with me, you will always hear the truth. I also suggest and teach the spell of white magic for peaceful and loving purposes if necessary. Tradition has been running in my family since I was a child, they really taught me everything and then I continued to study alone for many years to follow until I felt fulfilled and ready to help this world.


My name is Onika, I am Italian American, so I speak both languages, since 3 generations in my family we read tarot cards, mind and dreams, my grandmother gave me all her power to continue her mission, to help as many people as possible in this world making their desire, their dreams and their goals happen in life, love and career. My sister introduced me to studies related to karma, the universe, astrology, the power of thought, dream analysis and tarot reading. I have studied all my life, I am a very empathic person, I can feel the emotions of the people around me, their energy and I can transfer to them all my positive energy to improve their lives! If you have any doubt or need help please do not hesitate to contact me, I will do everything in my power to give you the answer you are looking for, I also teach the spell of white magic only for love and peaceful purposes. I am very professional in what I do, I have never lied to a single client, even if the results of the reading were not positive, I always tell the truth, which today is something rarely. I am a quick reader and I will never steal your time, with me you can be sure that you will only discover the truth. When you connect with me we can also do spiritual and personal coaching, if you like, I am a meditation guide expert and I like helping people on their journey. What are you waiting for ? Connect with me today, improve your life!

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