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Using my energy skills, I indicate to produce ones present energy and future possibilities. It is liberating to know that our shift of Energy consciousness represents our current events and future outcomes.
All our life is an adventure, experiencing extreme highs and difficult lows, but there is always something new to learn. Doors open which brings us astounding abundance and unlimited vibrations.

When i meditate i start to receive information about your life that goes beyond spirituality into the highest of good. Always on the side of truth and goodness. Thus I have the blessing of clairvoyance and beyond.
My tools I use are all natural and from the higher.


My experience started at a very young age and developed over the years by no other than my sister....Hollie.
She realized the gift within me and needed me to understand as much about this fascinating yet unusual skill I was blessed with.
I practiced with the tarot cards, and soon found images so clear that i did not need to read. Hollie guided me through the sights and sounds and the strength was inner core.

As I continued working with Hollie, she realized this spiritualism was coming quickly to me. I encountered and worked with many individuals that have changed their lives. Because it came so natural I educated myself to be able to do my work on this earth as an Angel to open my heart to my spiritual truth and developed deeper connection for inspiration to flow from me to clients.

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I think Olivia is the genuine thing. deep insight
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