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Bonjour a tous ! IMPORTANT NOTE: TO SAVE MINUTES, please send your Questions, Birth Date, Time, and Place (as well as the person you'd like to inquire about) thru a PRIVATE MESSAGE beforehand. I'll call you back once you sent all the necessary details with some additional FREE MINUTES. I’m a freelance Western astrologer with a focus on psychology and relationship dynamics. I’ve been studying astrology for almost 8 years now, and since then I’ve developed great intuition and good insight into the human psyche. I focus mainly on a relationship, personality and predictive astrology. My services include the following: Relationship reading - I can explain you and your lover’s compatibility and I can explain your dynamics: Is the relationship going to work out? What are the things that you could do to save the relationship? Personality reading - I can give you insight on how to improve yourself and realize your potential: What are the ways to improve your communication skills to find true love? Will you find success when you pursue a career you’ve been dreaming to do at the expense of your current comfortable but boring job? Please bear in mind, I can share with you the timeline the stars provide for the best “season” or “timing” to do things that will provide a successful outcome BUT of course that success can only be triggered by your own ACTION, and can be influenced too by WILL. Hence, keep an open mind about it. Finally, when I provide you a reading, please keep in mind that you’re so much more than just a Sun sign. I create an astrology chart for you by providing me your birthdate, birth town and accurate birth time (if possible). If you’re inquiring about yourself plus several other people or an event, kindly ready their birth information, and preferred dates as well.


I have been giving out readings and sharing insights to clients-friends in-person, via Astrology Weekly and most recently via my Blogger site, AstroTeaRoom. My honed knowledge in Western Astrology is attributed to extensively reading Astrology books that spanned for almost a decade, and studying patterns in the natal charts of famous people – dead or alive (I can do chart rectification so I can also predict their correct birth time), and, finally, learning through Lada Duncheva’s lessons (Astrolada). With reading Natal charts, I incorporate Tarot or Lenormand cards to give further insights to the situation, especially when I need clarification about the client’s situation

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