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Love & Relationships


Hello there,

I am here to bring you insight into any problems you have I will find the current solution. I have been doing readings for 10 years. I specialize in the following tools:

  • Tarot,
  • Runes,
  • And the energy of my guides, because nothing speaks louder than energy.

When incorporating my tools, guides and intuition there is nothing that should be left unresolved to find you the relief and answers that you seek. I am strongly devoted to my practice and I look forward to resolving or simply looking into what's to come or how to handle your current situations. I am fluent in English and in Spanish. I am Spanish, Cuban, and Lebanese in my bloodline, and our craft has always been the seed of my upcoming. My reading style when I utilize my tools is always to call upon my guides for their assistance to me this is a fundamental process to what I do. I will feel like someone comfortable talking to someone who holds no judgment towards you let's figure out what's next.

Warm regards, Offgrid Healing


I have been tarot reading for over 10 years. I was taught as a young boy by my lovely wise Lebanese mother and aunt how to seek answers by utilizing my energy, tools, and reaching to higher sources.




Nov 27, 2023
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