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Numbers are the foundation of all human understanding. Without numbers we don't have science, without science, life is a guessing game. Ask some people to define numerology and there's a chance that they'll make the whole thing a little too complicated. The truth is that numerology is simply an attempt to better understand our world through numbers.

In numerology, we look to numbers to learn more about ourselves and what the world has in store for us. We walk through life attached to certain numbers. Your name is a number, your date of birth, of course. Aren't those numbers worth a little scrutiny. Numerology seeks to determine certain values attached to these and other numbers, values like aptitude for a given skill or profession, to take one small example. Experts use numerology to help people determine the best times to invest, to travel, to marry, to pursue a new career, to move to a new location and so on. Becoming an expert on numerology, that's a career, but there's no reason we can't all learn a little something about the practice, and use that knowledge to improve our lives.

How Does It Work?

Numerology, like many other occult practices, is impossible to explain. Who knows why it works? Is it magic? Something to do with the collective subconscious? Who knows. Don't worry about why or how it works, just give it a try and see what happens.

Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician born in 569 B.C. He is considered by many to be the first person to develop and practice numerology, although the roots of the practice date back even further, perhaps to ancient Hebrew Kabbalah practices. The discipline reappeared in the 20th Century when L. Dow Balliet began writing about it in 1911. The discipline has grown from there and is perhaps more popular now than ever before.

Calling All Skeptics

It's easy to have doubts about this sort of thing. If you don't believe in numbers giving off magical vibes, then fine, don't believe in this. Think about this, though: when you go to a Chinese restaurant, do you crumple up the fortune from the cookie and throw it away without reading it? Of course not. Even if just for fun, you give it a read, and sometimes, it comes true. Skeptics can try numerology, too. Read on in the spirit of fun, curiosity and objectivity.