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North Love Diviner
North Love Diviner
Love & Relationships
North Love Diviner


Dear Client🦋, 

✨☘️🧿 Everything happens for a reason sometimes known and unknown until we are meant to know. If you have been drawn to my profile this is also because you have come across where you are meant to be according to your Divine timing🧿☘️✨

🌸Are you in need of some honest, empathic, non-judgmental, detailed & clear insight? I am a caring, positive and direct reader who loves to help where she can and leave her clients feeling hopeful yet also with genuine honest insight on their situation. I will always tell you what I get unless otherwise instructed by spirit. I do work with Spirit, God, and energies of the Universe and I have my own personal guides and ancestors who surround me. During your reading, your guides, ancestors or new energies may present themselves though they may not always be a part of all readings unless specifically called upon. 

🌸Allow me to share with you my services and how I can assist you in the different areas of your life. I specialise in love and relationships, especially those of you going through no-contact situations, reunifications, 3rd parties and new love that is to come. Please kindly note, that I do not use the following terms often: Karmic, Soul Mate, Twin Flame, when in certain situations I will, and this is only when it is clear and confirmed by spirit. 

🌸Furthermore, I am well adept at accessing insight on other areas of your life: finances, career, life purpose & your spiritual journey. I possess all four clairs: clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant and claircognizant along with predictive dreams. I receive insight instantly once connected, this mostly comes via visions, I can also specifically channel specific conversations that have happened, are happening or are to come. This includes getting beyond the layers of your poi and into their true thoughts, feelings, and next actions. I use tarot and oracle cards to assist further when it comes to confirming or going deeper into your questions. And I can also offer photograph readings. 

⏳My readings are predictive which means I can most of the time provide dates, times & months of when your prediction is due to occur. Of course, I do not offer ‘guarantees” however accuracy that I can. I will always try to answer every question and be as specific as possible. My readings are about creating positive change and empowering the client.  For those of you who are interested in the practical side of a reading, and how to apply the insight and advice that comes up, I can assist you also, upon request I can offer more of a life coach-based approach for the practical side of life, including dating and manifesting⏳ 

I look forward to connecting with you soon, love North🔮xo

***I will never tell you what is right is or wrong, that is not my place nor will I ever tell you what to do. You are 100% responsible for your life, your choices, and your actions. ***


Dear Client🦋,

🧿🌙 I am North Love Diviner, and for more than a decade I have been reading for others concerning their matters of the heart and more. I am a third-generation psychic from my Irish mother’s side of the family. My granny was well known for her tea leaf readings and visions. My religion is Catholicism, more so mysticism. I work very closely with Mother Mary and Archangel Michael ,as well as other Saints, and energies. Prayer remains a huge part of my spirituality and my abilities🧿🌙 

💎Since I was young, I have always picked up on energies, some may call them ghosts, or spirits, I have felt them, seen them and I continue to do so. It wasn't until I was 19 when I had my initial spiritual awakening and I began to have premonitions. I picked up my first deck of cards and shortly thereafter an apparition of a Saint (whom I cannot name as it is sacred) followed. My abilities only grew and became stronger to the point where now all I need is a question and I can instantly access information. I also experience the energies that some may deem scary, and frightening, as my life purpose here on earth is to alchemise the dark and assist people who are facing toxic and narcissistic beings.  

💎As a psychic and a reader my experience has made me stronger and as such strengthened my faith, abilities and connection to the amazing and beautiful energies that choose to assist in life here on earth. I am also very close to the earthly realms and their beings such as fairies. I have more recent experience in working with herbs, candles, and spells though for personal use as I've been instructed it must be for now. However, I have experience in manifesting, working with the moon cycle, I can certainly share and receive downloads of what words hold power and what is necessary to open or close down the energy for those who need it. At the same time as growing spiritually, I also grew in other areas such as the healing arts and therapeutic modalities that can help with the energetic and psychological side of what we go through in life. 

💎As well as the above, my own life journey has brought me many ups and downs, and I understand what it is like to struggle, to feel alone or just be heartbroken. I know I am here to assist people with this in their life. I am continuously learning and developing myself, my awareness and I have been blessed enough to receive these gifts that I can share with you. 

 Love North🔮xo




May 14, 2024
May 2, 2024
Thanks North x can you finish pls
May 2, 2024
Apr 26, 2024
Thank you for the fast reading. I really am happy to know the answers. Have a nice day!
Apr 24, 2024
I know he loves and cares for me as I do with him, I just wish to know if there’s a point in staying with him and having a future with each other
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