Are you confused about your relationship? would you like clarity to what he / she is thinking? Are they the one? Are you currently missing a loved one that has passed away? Is there a message that you would like to hear from them ?Would you like to receive clarity on your situation in your life and clarity on how to navigate it so you are enjoying life more? Are you uncertain about your path, and would like to raise your awareness to redirection to align back to your most desired path? Are you feeling off balanced and need to receive divine guidance for your energy to clear and to center? with accuracy and detail I can provide guidance to support your path. I will also provide you energy clearings, cord cutting, as well as distance Reiki if needed.


I have 6 years experience as a coach, and a psychic. I am able to connect to divine guidance, as well as spirit of a passed loved one. As an empath I can see, feel, and know your energy. I am able to understand the deep issue that is causing the outcome and what try to navigate through it. 

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