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I am an accurate and trsuted reader. I offer detailed and honest readings with no sugar coatings. I specialise in relationship readings and love as i believe love makes the world go round! I do offer advice on all other areas too. I use clairvoyance, angel cards and my guides to help me deliver messages directly. I am empahtic and non judgmental. i also work on voice vibrations therefore I can feel and describe the personal energy and emotions and gain information. My main goal is to make clients feel comfortable and allow them to take control of their own lives and find the answers to thier journey. I offer general readings and detailed readings and also work with telling people the timings of events. 


I have been known to perfrom distance healing on family, friends and clients during a reading if requested in order for them to feel a bit of positivity and sense of peacfulness. I do not give falso hope at all. I give people an insight to their personal and professional lives from the past, present and future. when looking into the cards, the things i look for are expectations, hidden influences, advice, the outcome and the current situation. I have been doing readings for 4 years now. I am able to channel messages from angels and spirit gudies. I am here to help you find the answers you need. 

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Nov 3, 2017
Nov 3, 2017
Feb 27, 2017

amazing confirmed what I thought and so much more, honest and nice will top up and consult again.. Thank you it help more than you know

Feb 23, 2017
Just stopped responding
Feb 10, 2017
not at all what i wanted to hear, but honest from her end at least
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