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Hi and thanks so much for contacting me for your reading today!. As a gifted psychic and spiritual advisor with over 15 years of experience I am here to help guide you and direct you. I offer psychic and tarot card readings, crystal readings, angel readings, aura energy readings, no problem is too big or too small. While I do specialize in love & relationships, I can help in all matters of life and spirituality. I would describe my reading style as direct and compassionate. I am more than just a psychic, I am your guide here to help you.


I have had this gift my entire life which I realized at a very young age I couldn't explain how but I just knew things. I have developed more ways to divinate such as chakra balance, aura cleansing, cartomancy, love & life advice, and multiple diciplines. I have been helping people professionally for over 15 years via phone, in person and online and am continuing to expand my horizons in order to do what matters the most to me which is to help guide you onto your path through this life and help you have the best life possible.


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