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Love & Relationships


Hi I'm psychic Nikki Love and relationship specialist I offer many different types of readings such as tarot readings Crystal readings relationship readings aura readings and much more if you have questions that need to be answered or looking for some insight in your life I can provide you with that I can answer all your questions such as ...is he or she the one /is my relationship going to last/ am I going to get better career opportunities I can guide you on the right path and which direction to follow and what is best for you I advise in love marriage career and business im very honest accurate and straight to point if you are wondering what he or she is thinking or what they are feeling or seeking insight in any Area of your life with providing me with your date of birth and name I pick up on what's going on in your life give me a call today for a clearer tomorrow


I have 10 years of experience I have helped many clients through all walks of life weather in love relationships marriages career family and finances I have helped many people in love situations whether letting them know what his or her significant love ones really feeling what their intentions are and where the relationships going to go I have help mend marriages and I have helped people succeed in their careers just by giving them Insight and what is the best decision for them which Path they should follow in order to accomplish their goals And achieve their dreams to find happiness love to find a career that they're looking for ...knowledge is key knowing what to do and what not to do how to change things to make a better outcome for your future having insight puts you in the driver seat how to take control back of your life and bring in what you want and take out what you don't




May 6, 2016
Excellent reading, positive and helpful.
May 4, 2016
love her amazing gift
May 3, 2016
answers quite fast
Apr 24, 2016
a bit slow with her answers
Apr 23, 2016
she was very honest & answered all of my questions, I have some decisions to make.. thankyou
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