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Neil BlacknWhite


I am results-driven, i put in the necessary time tools that are known to me to provide you a solution for your relationship, and business/career needs.

I am compassionate and Non-Judgmental about your personal life current scenario.

I am patient and not going to rush you out of a reading, most of my clients frequent me for reading and long conversations that could be anything between 1 to 2 hours or more on a single session.

I am a full time Tarot Professional It's not my hobby, or part-time recreation or extra income to my day job.I log in to my work almost daily with exception of once a week off from esoteric work that i spend with my family exclusively.

Honesty: Committed to honestly sharing the message of the Tarot/Lenormand. This includes potential negative information; sometimes the Tarot reveals what a client NEEDS to know rather than wants to know.

Confidentiality: A client’s name and reading details are kept in confidentiality

Predictions: The future is certainly not set in stone. The Tarot/Lenormand is very good at looking at current trends and making predictions based on current trends.

LEGAL Disclaimer:- For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only.


TAROT  Clarifies, Empowers & Confirms...Whether it is career choices, life path questions, relationship complexities, or other; Tarot  clarifies deep issues, offers advice for moving forward. Tarot is as much about the Present as it is the Future you are making. Fortune Telling using Lenormand CardsThe Lenormand Card System of Divination is based on the Cartomancy Style of the 1800s.Combining the cards and the symbols in pairs will form a sentence or a message, much like reading hieroglyphics. Geomantic Reading16 Geomantic figures, composed of 4 rows of either one or two points. In geomancy each figure has its own distinct meaning. The combinations and interactions of the geomantic figures for a particular question allows the geomancer to see the underlying pattern of a particular situation and to see the past and present and predict the future. 

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thank you for the insights into my career and life in general very detailed and good reading . I highly recommend
thanks alot neil , u are spot on for evryhing please give answer for his reconenct time thanks a lot :)
pls continue sending reading or give me mins. thanks neil, i believe in ur reading
i hope we can really continue.. or pls send ur remaining reading.. thank u so much
i really like to continue.. pls send me mins .thank u for reafing with me..
thank you Neil
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