I am talking to guides, spirit guides, angels, guardians and other beings continuously. Helping you to become the best possible version of yourself is my goal. Helping you to get over the obstacles in your life and discover the pure and beautiful self-love that your eternal being is needing so much. I am passionate about what I am doing and sharing the light I carry within me is my purpose. I am here to help and to heal. I have the ability to heal your aches, no matter if physical or psychological, remotely. I am able to feel what you feel and give you advice from that point of view, showing you aspects you maybe did not see yourself. We will create a clear picture of the situation and create solutions that are in tune with your highest good and that will bring you on a higher frequency to give you the life you desire so much. I am not a fortuneteller, but a hypersensitive empath that will stand by your side through good and bad times until you have the life you want to have and that you want to live. I speak English, German and Dutch.


I have my abilities since I can remember. I am an empath, hypersensitive person, lightworker and Kundalini Reiki Master in the 12. Grade. I can heal with my hands and I can heal on distance. Where my thoughts go, my energy flows. I have more than 20 years of experience in the paranormal field. I sense things before they happen. I will tap into your energy field and connect with your higher self to get the advice you need. Sometimes the higher self does not tell me exactly what a person wants to know, but your higher self will definitely tell me what is most important for you to hear at this moment in time. I am connected with deceased loved ones, the whole angelic spectrum, spirit guides, soul guides and other eternal beings that are here to assist us on this journey. I can help you regarding the relationship with your twin flame and lighten your pain that those relationships bring with it. I am looking forward to finding the puzzle pieces you need to find to live the successful life you desire.

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Luv how fast and straight to the point you are Thank you so muvh for the clarity and helping me your wonderful.
thank you for the advice appreciate it
Neelah is calm and composed. she has this healing balm like energy. lovely talking to her..thank u so much!
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