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Welcome! I am Trish Nature Lover. I was born a psychic empath, and as I grew older, I was blessed with the ability to do psychic readings, past life recall, remote energy healing and automatic writing. I give advice about love and relationships, both love live, family and friends. My spirit guides send me the information you need. I also help with career advice, dream analysis, and remote energy healing. I want your reading with me to lift you up, help you realize your path, and give you comfort. Every client is an individual to me, so your reading will be unique and only for you from me and my spirit guides.


I have been doing psychic readings for 26 years, by telephone, in person, and over the last several years by chat and email. A lot of information is sent to me all throughout the day about people I know, so it is nice to concentrate on one person and his or her needs. I may not always give you the answers you are hoping for; I give the information my spirit quides send me. I do my best to help you think positive, as this sends out positive energy and can improve a situation. I have the ability to send energy healing no matter where you are located. I do everything I can to help my clients relax when they are stressed about an issue. I enjoy having been given the ability to help others

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