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Advisor Natalia


Welcome to my page! I'm a natural born medium and a professional astrologer with over 15 years of experience helping people to find the truth. My major area of work is Love and relationships, but I also provide Career Advice, Dream Analysis, Dating Advice, see people's karma and past lives. I mainly work with horoscopes and Tarot, Osho Zen Cards and Angel Cards. I'll give you the answers you've been searching for. Any concerns regarding relationships, career, and love matters. I can predict your future and look into your past. At our readings we will find out what's your true nature and restore connection with your divine energy self. You will feel full of energy and motivation. I will help you solve difficult life situations, increase your love potential, see if someone gave you an evil eye and even cast a love spell for you. I can conduct spells that will charge your love and welfare. After our psychic readings you will get a guaranteed result and your life will significantly improve. We can conduct a seance to communicate with the spirits of your loved ones and get answers for your questions. Are you ready to hear the answers to your questions?


I discovered my powers after the accident that happened when I was a child. Suddenly, I started hearing voices that guided me on my life path, the voices of my guardian angels. I started seeing people's auras and could predict what would happen in the future with some of my family members. People came to me for advice and I tried to help them, listening to what the angels were saying me. I've been practicing Astrology and Tarot for over 15 years now, and people keep coming back for my help because what I said was true. Even though sometimes my predictions do not reflect the exact state of things, keep in mind that I'm receiving the messages from the Angels, so they can be unclear for humans. My mission in this life is helping people on their life paths. I believe that it's in your power to change your fate!

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great reading helped so much thank you
she’s extraordinary. I felt connected to the point of tears. she knew a lot of things. very worth it.
thanksssss great reading... and honest
Thank you so much. ♥️ If I can, I’ll update soon.
Dominique Lee
Dominique Lee
loved it ❤️
amazing 😉
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