Natalia Davenport relationship advice expert

Natalia Davenport


I specialize in  picking up your energy through your full name and date of birth. Through your energy I will be able to tell you what is going on in your life.I have the ability of seeing and hearing your spirit guides they will show me what's taking place in your life.I am here to bring you the truth no sugar coating.I will advice you in all areas in life such as  love, career, health, and finances.i am known to be a love specialist and Love Adviser. 


I am a born psychic.Having my earliest premonition at the age of seven.These would later manifest as visions.I began to use my abilities to help those in need. Within more then 13 years experience as a  professional spiritualist ,Advisor, psychic relationship coach  expect .I have helped many people nation wide with my gift and my wisdom.I will give you true and  honest answers.I can help solve all affairs of life via text or with one phone call. 


I wish she was more clear .
I like her.... wish I had money to have more reading with her! love it:*
excelent reader. i recommend her 100%
the reading was good but at the end she didnt answer my question :(
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