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Miss Nalia


Mistress of the Crossroads Om Shala. I go by Mistress Nalia and I am here to help you on your journey. I specialize in Tarot and Numerology but also employ my Psychic, Mediumship Abilities, and Energy Readings/Work to help you find and create the path best for you. Whether it is love, career, ancestors, past life or your spiritual path I can help. Come and get your 2020 year spread with the Winter Sale. Don't start 2020 without being prepared. READ BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER °BE FOREWARNED AND PREPARED, I DO NOT sugarcoat the info that I receive. I am very STRAIGHT FORWARD and BLUNT; I DO NOT coddle. So if the 9 of cups in reverse shows up for your love situation, that person is probably not for you. BUT NEVER FORGET there are +7.7 BILLION people on the planet; you always have options love. °I am a firm believer in being the Master of your Destiny. My sessions will help you get a better grasp on things to avoid to build the life you want to live. °I also provide remote Aura Readings, Body Scans, Energy Clearing, Cord Removal, and Low Vibration Removal. °I do not give medical advice, legal, find lost items, or tell you what your POI is thinking. °As always follow your heart and intuition as you are the one that will have to deal with the consequences of your choices Shalom.


I am an International Intuitive Advisor and Reader. I have been working as an advisor and reader for 4 years professionally. I have worked in America as well as overseas as a reader and energy worker guiding those who need help on their path. I have strong empathic abilities that have helped me in my advisement to others. I also have experience connecting and being a medium to Angels, ancestors and other energetic beings for spiritual path development. I am a Reiki master in the holy fire tradition and kemetic tradition and a licensed massage therapist in the state of Georgia. As such I am able to remotely read and clear your aura as well as do body scanning to locate stagnant energy (I can not and will not give health diagnosis or prognosis) and give suggestions in how to move those energies in the form of stretches, self applied pressure points and aromatherapy. I employ all kinds of divinatory tools, such as skat cards, astrological dice, but my favorites being numerology, chamalongos, Oracle, and my Crowley tarot deck. Welcome to the Crossroads.

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