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Hello Beautiful Ones. I am a born intuitive with childhood experiences. I have had many near death experiences and visitations since a child. I spent a lot of my life as a creative artist, but it always brought me back to my spiritual messages thata they contained. This is why I can now read your life and current challenges through your image through a photo, it is the artist and the intuitive working together. The more I lived the more I had to live in my crazy psychic world . I have studied too! I have a BA in Metaphysical Psychology, am a Certified Light Worker, Master Life Coach and Meditation Instructor. I can really help you get your life together in many ways! I have had many experiences from out of body, traveling in the conscious stream. One of my special skills in Face and Picture Reading. I can see a lot of information about you in your image. This assists me with your reading.
I am one always connected and am so happy to assist you with clarity in your personal journey here on planet earth.


How I can Help You? I am able to tune in to your personal energy, with or without a picture of you but I will get WAY more information for you if I have your picture. It is so much better for me! Depending on what you need to hear and what information comes up, I can tap into your past, present or future energies. I can talk with you and lend insight to relationships, work and general happiness. Using the my Oracle Cards I can turn in with answers to your specific questions, always using my intuition and all information passed on to me through the cards and your picture, as well as the cards and your picture to receive your clarity.

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