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I am Someone who cares deeply about the future and present of this world. No one deserves to not know the possibilities that are out there nor should they be held back from anything holding them back. I am MysticLove, I have trained for years to master my craft and use it to explore and brighten humanity. I grew up in Salem, town of witches, and trained under a master of the arts. Growing up, I knew those spirits of the Universe needed to use me to express the truths of the universe, I just need to learn how to help them. After collage, I returned to my old stomping grounds and has continued to spread the truths of the world.


Growing up in Salem, I have been exposed to the spirits and tarot cards all my life. In my teen years, I worked and trained under a professional. She taught me how to use the cards to show truths, either ones of the present, past and future. After leaving for college to Learn more about spirituality, the universe called me back to Salem. That is where I worked for 10 more years. I came back to my mentor and took over for her, and every Halloween I would give free readings for the lost souls. On Valentines, I provided love advice at deals to bring in those who really needed it. I care deeply about those who are lost being found.

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