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Finding Love, Healing your relationship, Starting a new relationship, Making Decisions, Jobs Searching - are some of the areas I specialize in. I provide tarot readings with either the starlight illuminated or thoth tarot deck and choose the deck based on your energy and the question. I provide compassionate readings that help you get more information to turn your life around and empower you to make the best of your situation. When looking into the future my readings are based on your current actions in the situation -- this means I also look for alternatives to help you change your situation. I believe the future can change based on your actions and changing your actions can change your future. Before every reading, I connect to the higher power and ask that the answer that’s provide be for the highest good for all. I read tarot card intuitively at first and then follow up with additional symbolism to glimpse more details into your situation. Looking for guidance in your current relationship - I can give you a snapshot of the energies in your relationship and how it is playing out in the near future. Based on this information you can choose to make changes in your relationship or keep going the way you are. You decide what to do with the information that I provide about the situation. If you would like to see the energies surrounding your relationship ask for a relationship snapshot. Questions such as: How does x feel/think/see me? What is my relationship like? How can I improve my relationship? Why is y happening in my relationship? Looking to start a new relationship - I can look into your compatibility and what a relationship with a specific person will look like. I can also share some information about next steps to begin to build a relationship. Questions such as: What does x think/feel about me? What would a relationship with X look like? Is X seeing someone and do I have a chance? Searching for Love -  Find out what obstacles are keeping you from having the relationship you are looking for. I will help you understand what’s keeping you from finding love and some steps in the directions of getting over these obstacles. Questions such as: What is hoping me back from a relationship? What does my love life look like in the near future? What can I do to bring love into my life? Making Decisions - If you need more information to make a choice, I can look into the future possibilities of each option. While I won’t tell you what to do, the additional information can help you make a decision for yourself. Job Searching - You can ask about strategies to find the job you are looking for as well as checking in to see what specific job choices will be like. I can also customize a reading for your individual situation. Topics I do not read about: Communicating with the deceased, Health and Pregnancy, Law related matters.


I'm a third generation psychic and an empath. As a child, I often had a strong intuition about people's feelings and often surprise others when I would approach someone who was feeling sad to provide them with some support. During my teenage years, my close friend came over with a tarot deck which she was struggling to read. She sifted through the little booklet that came with the deck and attempted to provide me with a tarot reading. I had my turn to try a reading for her. With a baffled look on her face, she told me that was a very accurate reading and gifted me that tarot deck - the Hanson Roberts Deck. I later learned that there were others in my family who read coffee grounds, energy and chakras, and were interested in psychic and spiritual topics I began doing readings for friends and classmates and eventually those around me started recommending me to others. I often had a long line of classmates waiting for a tarot reading during lunch. I read every book on tarot I could find, and met other tarot readers who mentored my and pointed me in the right direction.  I attended monthly meetup with fellow tarot readers in my area where we practised and shared tips and tricks. My readings became more and more specific and I started inventing tarot spread specifically for decision making, and empowering others to understand and change their future. I also found a tarot deck which I connected the most with -- the Thoth deck. I have been reading and studying tarot cards for 13 years and reading professionally for 10 years. Besides study groups and mentorship, I attended a tarot conference in 2010, where I received further training by some of the most respectable tarot readers and authors. The energy of being near so many tarot readers brought my skills to the next level. I continue to study kabbalah, astrology, numerology and sharpen my intuition through meditation. I also have been attuned to Reiki Level 2 and often infuse my readings with Reiki energy. I am always learning more about tarot and currently I am am working on fortune telling with playing cards.

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