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Topics I specialize in: relationships, dating, love, romance, heartbreak, career, job searching, family, decision making, relocating and friendship. I am empathic and can sense thoughts and feelings. I offer tarot readings with the Thoth tarot deck or the Starlight Illuminated deck and can do readings prediction based or advice and guidance readings or a mix of both. My reading philosophy is to empower you to make decisions based on additional information received through tarot. I will share with you the message I get from the cards honestly, compassionately and accurately. Some sample predictive questions you can ask are:
How does X feel about me? What does X think about me?
Will X contact me and what will X say?
What does my relationship with X look like 1 month out, 3 months out, etc.?
Why has X entered or re-entered my life?
Who is the next person I will date and when will I meet him/her?
Will I get the job? What job will I get?
What will my career situation be life 1 month out, 3 months out, 1 year out?
Some sample advice based questions you can ask are:
What can I do to strengthen my relationship with X?
How can I get X to notice me?
If I contact X, what will the outcome be? If I do X, what will the outcome be?
What do I need to do to get the promotion?
Is this job right for me? What job is best for me? Or any other question you may have. I do not reading about health, pregnancy, law related matters or communicate with the deceased.


I'm a third generations psychic. As a child, I often had a strong intuition about people's feelings and things that were about to happen. At that point, I could generally tell if the thing that was going to happen was positive or negative and a general sense of where it was coming from. I also picked up on others emotional state and check in with them when they weren't feeling well.

During my teenage years, I was gifted a tarot deck which gave me a way to harness my intuition and psychic abilities. I immediately was drawn to the tarot since it helped me interpret my psychic feelings. I began doing readings for friends and classmates and eventually those around me started recommending me to others. My readings became more and more specific and I started inventing tarot spread specifically for decision making, and empowering others to understand and change their future. I also found a tarot deck which I connected the most with -- the Thoth deck.

I have been reading and studying tarot cards for 13 years and reading professionally for 10 years. Besides, study groups and mentorship, I attended a tarot conference in 2010, where I received further training by some of the most respective tarot readers. I continue to study kabbalah, astrology, numerology and sharpen my intuition through meditation. I'm mostly an intuitive reader and get my answers from a psychic connection but I also supplement my readings from the symbolism in the cards. I hope to empower you to take control of your life through the information that I provide through tarot.


Nadine Garcia
thanks again for your insight
really sounds very accurate thank you for answering everything and for clarifying everything
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