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Mystic Nubiana


As an intuitive Tarot reader, with the assistance of my Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, I tap into the Universal Mind to get the solutions you seek. My intuition, psychic insight, advice, and love for helping others will be Food for Your Soul as we navigate through the challenging areas of your life.


Like most psychic/intuitive advisors, I knew I had these unique abilities to feel energies, see visions, and hear messages that would come to fruition prior to them happening at an early age. Events, situations, and LIFE happened that lead me to this passion of utilizing Tarot to help people. I am passionate about what I do to the point that I even conduct Tarot workshops for other enthusiast.s As I have been doing spiritual work for several years, in addition to the Tarot, I employ other modalities such as candle magic, root work and crystals to help manifest ones true desires. I do not advertise but I have wide variety of clients who are generous in providing me with referrals. I love helping others and the value added is that I also learn from them. Life is always revolving and getting a helping hand sometimes makes a world of difference.


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