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Extremely Detailed time precision and Phenomenal Accuracy! The methods I use are unique to my family line and a few personal modifications which are Impossible to Replicate. Although I’ve been spiritually aware since birth, I wasn’t always interested in assisting others. Actually, a majority of my early years were spent exploring the astral plane, manipulating dreams, and cheating in games of hide and seek. During early adulthood and college years I was primarily interested in avoiding toxic relationships, playing occasional matchmaker, and conducting private research in the field of theoretical computer science. Years were spent breaking down one form of astrology after another, picking out only the most significant variables and including them in a complex algorithm. The result of this was a Perfect Synchronization between science and spirituality, capable of everything from relationship time series regression to prediction of financial market movements and individual career cycles. Needless to say I am no longer interested in money or any further research. I owe everything to my grandfather, who taught me in my early years and assisted me in my spiritual growth with the hope that I would one day help those in need. Although he is no longer with us on the physical plane, I still feel his spirit whenever I am providing guidance for those who really need it. Without a doubt, in my mind, I know he is proud and will always be there for support!


A unique characteristic about me is that I am actually 4th generation clairvoyant psychic. Accepting this as a gift was a a challenge for me when I was a child. After a bit of soul searching I decided to use this gift to help those around me. As a result of this decision, hundreds of people who have come to me are now living happier and more fulfilling lives. This is my true calling and where my soul will thrive until the end of days.


Sounded like I woke him up or something. Didn't have a CLUE
completely different from all other readings. I mean he was spot on about my relationship but everything else was just sooo different. time will tell.
not what i expected good reading though
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