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Hello, and welcome! I have 3 particular tarot decks that I like to use in my readings: Sun and Moon Tarot, The Fountain Tarot, The Linestrider Tarot. I am also more than willing to give my own spiritual advice with or without the drawing of tarot cards, if asked. I choose the one based on my intuition via the question that is asked, unless otherwise stated specifically by the customer. During my readings, I give my absolute truth, intuition, and honesty to each and every customer, and do my best to portray what my cards are saying (based on the astral/ether/mental realm) to the customer (based on the material/real/relative world). I believe that the greatest thing anyone can do, is create something out of nothing. My favorite quote, is that a “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions” by Oliver Wendell Holmes. People say I am a very old soul, and when given a known situation, I always know how to approach it and give advice for it. Manifesting with great love and strength comes with a great responsibility that everyone must take care of with respect and honor. I do not merely look at you as a client, but a friend I have always known. Every person has phenomenological experiences different from anyone else, and every person and experience should be treated with great respect, honor, and inquisitiveness. (I am not responsible for any decision(s) that will/have been made based on a card or interpretation of a card or reading that I give. My tarot card readings should be solely supplemental to your judgement and intuition).


I have Synesthesia, which is a condition 4% of the population have that one is born with where your senses are intertwined with each other. I have about 28 of the 52 known types of Synesthesia. Some of mine include that when I hear a siren, I taste blood (sound to taste Synesthesia), and when I see an assortment of letters formed into words, they form a color (Grapheme-Color Synesthesia). I have been working with my Synesthesia for the past 4 years, and continue to develop it every day, and I have been working with Tarot cards for about a year. Colors are a big part of my Synesthesia, and because of that, I have a color deck that I made for readings for myself and others. It is experimental and is a bit different than tarot cards. There are 11 major colors, and 77 minor colors that fit into the major colors. Then there are 7 separate special colors, and 27 add-on/clarifier cards, with a total of 111 cards in the deck. All cards are shuffled together and drawn based on a question or inquiry. I would be happy to use these as well with you, if prompted to do so.


very enlightening breath of fresh air
accurate, honest and straightforward reading:)
Thanks. Sorry i ran out
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