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Mystic Jessica


I will advise you on matters of the heart and life's concerns. I can help you overcome the unhappiness you suffer from and guide you toward Your Purpose in Life My Powers have been given to me to help, not to harm. If you feel you have been denied your share of success and are unhappy and don't know which way to turn, one session will convince you that there is a better way. I can predict as well as help you to correct all that is against you and all you feel needs change in your precious life.I have been reading since I was 3 years old. I am the 5th generation of spiritual and holistic healers in my family. Men and women have inherited this gift. I practice strengthening my gifts by meditation and prayers. For each client that I have helped locally and internationally, it has made my gifts more powerful because of how much energy I put into my work. I am a internationally known psychic that amazes everyone in their first reading they cant help but come back for more. My reading style is straight forward yet comforting. I do not have the heart to hurt others. My gifts were given to my to help not harm and that is why I committed my life to reading. Love is my specialty and I am able to assist you to all matters of the heart! If you have gone thru a break up , separation, divorce... ETC. I am here to help! 1} Does this Person have Feelings for me?2} Does this Relationship have Potential?3} Where are my Partner's Thoughts at?4} Will my Marriage/Relationship last?5} Will we be able to Reunite?6} Will I find my Soul-mate?7} Can I Trust my Partner?8) When will I find love?If you have all these questions or more feel free to reach out to me I guarantee you will feel relieved after the session. You can tell my insight is genuine based on the flow of my typing. I am very honest so please do not take anything too personal. I will let you know if you are with the right person, left the right person, and when the right person will be entering your life. I let you know people's thoughts, feelings and intentions along with the course of action you should/should not take in order to see positive results in your life. For the safety of your peace of mind, please contact me with an open mind.


I Am The Owner Of A Botanica Shop In California And For The Last 2 Years Been Providing Psychic Readings. I Have Given Readings In Person, By Phone, Email, Chat, Text. No Tools Or Info required for a reading.

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This girl, is absolutely incredible. She was spot on from the moment I entered the chat room before I even said a thing. Time frames, initials, and even current events and emotions, she not only said what was happening, addressed exactly what I was worried and wondering about, but also gave future predictions as well in crazy detail. Jessica is the real thing. I've gone to a lot, and lots, of psychics on this site but she is hands down the best. From the moment you enter her chat room and she begins saying everything she picks up on, is like when a character in a movie goes to see a psychic that knows all. It's crazy. But, holy crap if you need a reading or want to be read, if you want not only the truth but to be empowered and known, this is the psychic for you.
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