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Mystic Dwain


I provide detailed and in-depth psychic readings into all areas of your life using the tarot cards, crystal ball and runestones to look at past present and future and determine the best way ahead towards your best destiny. I'm happy to look into any question you may wish to ask although I frequently get asked questions in relation to work, career and love and relationships, family feuds, issues between friends and house moves. However, no issue is too big or too small to bring to me for some psychic insight. I'm a genuine insightful and sensitive reader and will always tell you the truth no matter how unpleasant it may be for you to hear. We all go through hard times in life and sometimes we need some spiritual guidance to guide us in the right direction towards a greater good. No situation is ever too dark or too hopeless to turn around and gain some form of Victory. I believe you have to come to readings with an open heart and a positive approach, ready to do the best in any situation that you Encounter.


I am an experienced psychic who has provided in depth and insightful tarot and crystal ball readings for the past 20 years to thousands of clients across the world. I have worked for many different psychic companies and also have my own private practice and in my time as a psychic I have looked into almost any situation you can imagine so no issue is too big or too small or too strange or too novel to bring to me for psychic insight. I am also a practitioner of the mystic arts and I work with the chakras to help you tune in to your best energies to advance your goals. I also have experience of providing detailed timelines for when things will happen in your life so if your issue is time specific that I am the right person to come to.

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Great first reading. Really insightful and connected. I will return. Stay blessed. :)
AWESOME reading overall! This reading was very informative/in-depth and gave me all the answers that I needed to know about my situation :) Responded very fast as well. Thank you for everything!
very very good!
thank you :) amazing reading
Rahika Saikia
wonderful, straightforward and accurate:)
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