Mystic Christine


Since 1991, Christine has been devoting much of her time to learning different techniques in the art of divination. Her unique skills will leave you astounded, as she fuses life experiences with guidance from Tarot, runes, and many other forms of divination, and messages from guides to offer you accurate and insightful readings. With remarkable testimonials from all over the globe, Christine continues her journey to help those who seek it.


Christine was born a highly sensitive Intuitive Empath. She has devoted the last 25 years tapping into the emotions and needs of others, and often times to help them shift their negative emotions to ones better suited and less damaging to the client. During this journey, Christine has picked up on many other wonderfully unique gifts, that allows her to aid people in predicting what's to come on their path, based on what's happening in the present, and which path to follow in order to avoid any negative setbacks.

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